What you Give to the Environment Comes Back to You. Our mission is to promote and provide environmental friendly programmes aimed at alleviating poverty and promote sustainable WASH delivery  





MISSION: To sensitize the masses as well as the policy makers on Water, sanitation and Hygiene/Health issues across the Nation and beyond. To becomes the best NGO in Nigeria when it comes to WASH sustainability and to help the millions who lack access to water, sanitation, hygiene and basic health information in Nigeria with access from top to the grass root level.  

GUARANTEE ENV. ON WASH is a Non Governmental Organization targeting at creating a sustainable environment towards achieving the MDGs by the use of pool of Volunteers across the state. The  President (Mr. K Badejo) is a retired Environmental Health Officer who was the Director of Enforcement and enlightment in Ondo State Waste Management Authority before his retirement in 2012.   


CLIMATE CHANGE (CC) and the MDGs a Critical Issue and a Challenge.  (check Climate Change Info Tab)

The question is, who is challenging who? This is not a rhetorical question, these are critical issues, yet great challenge. We have come to realize that without putting Climate Change into urgent and immediate control, none of the MDGs would be achieved come 2020. In our PM paper titled " Climate Change and the MDGs....... who is challenging who?", he enumerated how Climate Change would affect each of the MDGs if not given urgent and immediate attention. He also emphasizes the need to incorporate climate change control into all phases of sustainable development primarily in all stages of the MDGs if this target would actually be achieved. The Paper is available on this wesite (see leftside menu). Now we are in the era of Sustainable Development Goals the effect is same.